AOTU 2L Bicycle Blue Water Bag Hydration Pack Small Nozzle Drinking Hiking Camping Running with 1 pc Cleaning Set

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Specifications:Brand: AOTU 
Material:Wtaer Bag:Transparent TPU (Thermal Plastic Polyurethane Rubber) Cleaning Set: Nylon + 304 Stainless Steel + PP
Size Water Bag Capacity 2L (36.5 * 18CM)
Hanger  32CM Width 4CM
Big Brush Length 37CM Brush Head Diameter  2.5CM
Small Brush Length 13CM Brush Head Diameter  1CM
Water Pipe Brush Length 99CM Brush Head Diameter 1CM
Weight 345G
Useful 4 in 1 cleaning kit to clean your water bladder.
Big brush to clean the reservoir.
Small brush to clean the bite valve.
Long spring wire brush to clean the tube.
Folding rack helps to dry your bladder after cleaning.
Cycling, running the high oxygen sports special, because they can not drink deeply in strenuous exercise,
can carry bag pipe slowly to supplement the body needs water.
100CM standard long pipes even bag and put it in the bag can be able to drink the water.
1. Because of the water cover is internal thread structure, so as to prevent the lid on the Water Leakage, when in use
2 . Don't put juice, milk and other beverages, because these drinks may be voltage on the outlet bonding part is affected,there may be serious leakage.
Using method:
1)  First disinfection, with detergent after cleaning, and then 50 degrees of boiling water.
2) A fter injection and opened the sealed switch, unplug the nozzle cover, the nozzle can nibble.Do not install 50 degrees above the water, so as not to burn themselves.
The use of feelings and suggestions: no smell, good texture, want to experience the convenience bag friends don't hesitate.
Package Included:1x 1 Set of Cleaning Tool1x 1pc Water Bag