Pulse Oximeter Deluxe (Contec CMS50DA)

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Key Features: Monitor Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) Monitor Pulse & Blood Flow (PI%) Non-Invasive Finger Scan Dual-Color OLED Display * Accurately and quickly monitor your blood & circulation with the Deluxe Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Level Monitor from Contec * This pulse oximeter is engineered to give you fast measurements of the oxygen saturation of your blood (SpO2) your pulse rate and the strength of your blood flow (Perfusion Index) * It's an ideal instrument for use during and after workouts to determine their effectiveness as well as at any time during an illness to monitor vital statistics * The device is small portable and measures these attributes with a simple non-intrusive finger scan * It can accommodate a wide range of finger sizes and displays data on a vibrant dual-color OLED display * Additional Features: Adjustable display brightness Six display modes Low battery indicator Automatic shutoff to preserve battery life Runs on only two AAA batteries (included) Adjustable neck strap with quick release lanyard * Constructed from latex-free materials * FDA Approved *

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